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We are renewing our relationship with art educators and offering greater support with more services.

Art Educators who offer regular classes/programmes in an established business or organization, and teachers employed by a recognized school may be eligible for an Art Shed "Art Educator DISCOUNT + EXTRAS". Those already approved for the discount are invited to see what more we’re offering and to update their details.

Why does Art Shed offer an Art Educator DISCOUNT + EXTRAS?

We live by our motto "inspiring creativity®" but we cannot do it alone. Since you are our best allies, supporting you delivers real benefits to our community.

What is an Art Educator DISCOUNT + EXTRAS?

  • A 20% discount on all in store purchases* - No minimum spend limit
  • IN ADDITION , buying IN-STORE offers store Loyalty Credit (together, effectively 25% off retail prices)
  • A LISTING of your classes in our highest google ranking ‘Art Classes’ webpage with links to your website and Facebook page
  • Promotion of your events and classes via our SOCIAL MEDIA network
  • Promotion of your events/exhibitions to our email database**
  • Noticeboard space in-store for posters, flyers and cards
  • The opportunity to offer art demonstrations with promotions, in-store

Please click here for the application form, complete it and either send it by email or post, or hand it to our store staff when you visit next.