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Copic Airbrush & Accessories

The Copic Airbrush Systems work seamlessly with both Copic Original and Copic Sketch markers. The Airbrush feature is wonderful for creating backgrounds and filling in larger areas of space.

  • ABS1N set is the most cost-effective and complete all in one airbrush system. It includes the Airgrip, Aircan 180 (45 minutes of air), the Air Adapter, Airhose and can holder. The Air Adapter can also be used with an air compressor.
  • ABS2 is the Copic Airbrush Starter set and is ideal If you want to try airbrushing without the big investment or you need a portable system. This set is lightweight and easy to use. Includes the Air Grip and the Air Can D60.
  • ABS3 set is for those who know they will use the airbrush consistently and want to pair it with an air compressor. The set includes the Air Grip and Air Adaptor.

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