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Disposable Palette Pad GREY 28x40cm Hand Held

With the Grey Pad, New Wave introduces the first disposable palette with an ergonomic, hand-held design. The unique shape makes it a must-have for every artist who likes the immediacy of holding their palette while painting and also wants the easy cleanup that disposable palette paper offers.

There's also a New Wave Grey Pad in a standard rectangular shape.

New Wave Grey Pad Disposable Palettes feature neutral gray sheets that make it easier to mix accurate colors and gauge values. The sheets are glued on three sides, so they won't blow away while you're painting outdoors. Plus, the covers are scored, which makes it easier to tear them off or fold them back without messing up the rest of the pad.

Both styles contain 50 sheets measuring 11" ??? 16" (28 cm ??? 41 cm)

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