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Golden GAC 800 Pouring Medium

GAC 800: Reduces crazing, modifies paint for pouring and improves adhesion to chalky surfaces.

Add as an extender to acrylic paint for pours or puddles. Dries to a glossy level finish. Most fluid acrylic mediums will ‘craze’ when applied thickly (1/16” / 1.50cm or thicker). Crazing is the formation of crevices or valleys that run through a pour/puddle caused by uneven shrinkage during the drying process. GAC 800 helps to minimize this problem. Best when mixed with colour as binder dries with a slightly "hazy" quality if used alone. Dries with good gloss and film flexibility. Improves adhesion to chalky surfaces. Suggested wet film thickness 1/8”(3cm) or less.

Always test product mixtures and applications before working on the actual artwork.
Properly set up your studio for pours, with a focus on temperature, cleanliness and a level work table
For best results seal your surface with a gloss medium before applying GAC 800 mixtures
After applying a layer of GAC 800, let dry for a minimum of 24 hours (even longer if the pour is heavy or large) before applying additional products.
Ideally wait 3 days before moving. 
Thinner films are less prone to crazing
GAC800 dramatically reduces crazing, however, there is still always a risk of crazing. Depending on studio temperature and humidity, allowing a pour to dry under a “tent” (protection) provides the smoothest surface with the least defects.  

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