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Jacquard Pearl-Ex Varnish 70ml

Jacquard Pearl Ex Varnish is a water-based varnish which can be used as a medium to apply Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments (Mica Powder) or as a top coat or sealer for Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments.

Works great on paper, clay, metal, wood or plastic and cleans up easily with water. This varnish enables Pearl Ex users to create their own lustrous metallic paints, glazes and durable finishes on every surface including polymer clay.

Seals mica powders to prevent them from rubbing off your finished products. 

To use as a medium: Mix desired amount of Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment (Mica Powder) with Pearl Ex Varnish.  Apply to surface with brush, stamp or spray bottle.  Metal or plastic may require a light sanding or a primer. 

To use as a topcoat, varnish or sealer: Brush, airbrush or spray varnish on top of dry surface. Let dry naturally or use a heat gun or bake at a low temperature to speed up drying.

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