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The Atelier's ambition is to maintain an environment where students can develop their fundamental understanding of fine art practices based on the traditional Atelier method. We help students achieve their artistic goals by guidance in the acquisition of sound knowledge of the visual world and the practical skills to convey these phenomena. In a nutshell, we offer tangible, practical advice with solid theoretical basis, through plenty of demonstrations, examples and guided exercises for you to complete. All class tuition is tailored to the individual, and derived from the standard 4 year Atelier program. BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME.... No previous experience needed, or minimum skill level required Learn at your own pace: one on one tuition, in a traditional art school curriculum Classes are geared around each students project and do not have restrictions on subject matter or technique Class attendence is casual. Come once a week if it suits you. This is more accommodating to your individual availability than a one-size-fits-all structure You can start at any time in the year Drawing, Painting and Sculpture are available