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Sally was born in 1979. Her love of painting started from early childhood. She attended many art schools and had the opportunity to be trained by some of the greatest realist and impressionist painters of Iran. Her painting talent helped her to quickly become one of the most distinguished art students during her teenage years. Sally has now been teaching painting in different media for nearly ten years. Her paintings are mostly inspired by nature, cultural heritage, people’s living environment and sentimental selections. Sally expresses her feelings through expressive brush strokes and vibrant colours. Her paintings are influenced by Impressionism, Expressionism and abstract painting styles. Who can benefit from Sally's Painting Classes ? Everyone From beginners to serious artists. Sally can help you achieve your goals weather working towards a show , launching a professional career or just enjoying being creative. Classes in the following Media: Oil color on canvas Colored pencil Conte Graphite pencil Painting subjects As varied as your imagination. Sally can help take you from your first steps through to the most advanced painting techniques. Learn to paint like a master in most styles [impressionistic, realistic , abstract etc...]. Portrait painting Landscape painting Floral & still life painting Drawing - Including anatomical study