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How to build your own Mont Marte Canvas


About Mont Marte Canvas

We believe Mont Marte produce very good quality art materials at a price that allows many people to be creative. They are outstanding value for money. Through their expertise in logistics, Mont Marte bring the best Chinese made art materials into our store at prices which tempt people to think they're "cheap" in quality. This is definitely not the case. Schools and art educators have really appreciated the cost savings and quality of the Mont Marte range.

Mont Marte canvases are in many ways better than the more expensive Chinese made "European" canvas. The European brands justify their cost by claiming their gessos are archival yet made in China. Some artists simply apply their preferred gesso to whichever brand of canvas they buy, European or otherwise.

Mont Marte Canvas Descriptions

Let's Paint Single Thick (black label)

  • Medium Cotton duck- (280 gsm or approx 10 oz)
  • Acrylic titanium primed- suitable for acrylics or oils
  • Acrylic titanium primed- suitable for acrylics or oils
  • single stapled on reverse
  • paulonia timber stretchers
  • cut corners (not folded)

Mont Marte Single Thick (gold & burgundy label)

  • 380gsm (13.5 oz) heavy cotton duck with high density weave
  • professional series: double rows of staples, folded corners
  • sizes in both inches and cms
  • 18x38mm kiln dried paulonia timber stretchers
  • enviro friendly unbleached cotton duck -acrylic titanium primed
  • wooden wedges supplied and instructions included
  • cardboard corner protectors on every canvas

Let's Paint Double Thick (red label)

  • 340gsm (12 oz) unbleached, acrylic titanium primed cotton duck
  • wooden wedges, single stapled on reverse, cut corners
  • paulownia timber stretchers, 30x38mm

Mont Marte Double Thick (gold label)

  • 380gsm (13.4oz) premium high density woven cotton duck
  • professional series, triple primed, super strength, sizes in both cms and inches
  • 38x38mm kiln dried heavy duty paulownia frame and wedges with instructions provided
  • enviro friendly unbleached cotton duck- canvas extends to cover the timber frame behind.
  • cardboard corner protectors and folded corners and double stapled for maximum strength.

Mont Marte Triple Thick (blue label)

  • 600gsm extra heavy duty triple acrylic primed cotton duck.
  • professional series, in both cms and inches, doulbe stapled, canvas extends to cover timber behind.
  • huge 75x38 mm kiln dried and laminated stretcher bars (sits 75mm out on the wall)

Mont Marte Gallery Linen (green label)

  • 450gsm (15oz) triple gesso primed linen. Canvas covers timber and double stapled on reverse
  • 38x38 mm pine stretcher bars 365day multi stage drying cycle
  • extra strong tooth link joints to minimize warping
  • wooden wedges supplied, cardboard corner protectors
  • gallery style folded corners
  • suitable for acrylics and oils