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Paper Magiclay Black 40g x 6

Important features of Magiclay:

Magiclay adheres wet to wet, and wet to dry – no adhesives are required.

Magiclay can also stick onto paper and canvas to create 3D and textured elements to artwork.

It can be pulled, stretched, sprung back, rolled, coloured with paint, Food Dye or markers.

Magiclay comes in a range of colours and mixes using the same colour mixing rules as paint.

Best used over an armature so that only a very thin layer of the material is required.

A great material to use after exploring real clay or Clay Dough, to develop skills and create final artwork.

Magiclay only has half an hour of workability before it will start to harden.

Work on a clean surface and avoid overworking before attaching material to a model.

Use small amounts of Magiclay at a time and store unused material in a sealed container to prevent premature drying.

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