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Schmincke HORADAM® Aquarell Watercolour Sets

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours are high quality, professional watercolours that have a few special characteristics. The optimum amount of ox-gall is added to each colour to give artists ultimate control with the flow and distribution of colour. The binder which is used is Kordofan Gum Arabic from the Southern Sahara region. Like most natural products, the integrity and quality of the Gum Arabic differs from year to year, so Schmincke tests each batch of Gum Arabic every time, to select only the best crop of the respective year. The paint is also fully reusable when dried on a palette as Schmincke use the same formulation for their tubes and pans. This is unusual as many other brands of watercolour have a different formula for the pans which allows them to extrude the paint like clay and cut it into pieces to put into the pans.

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