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Schmincke Medium W is a revolutionary, low-odour oil paint additive that transforms traditional oil colours into water mixable oils. Combining one part Medium W with two parts of oil paint allows you to use simple water for both thinning your paints and cleaning your tools ??? no solvents required! At the same time, Medium W increases the gloss and transparency of your colours.

Colours mixed with Medium W may undergo a shift in colour and appear lighter or "milky" while wet (as do most brands of water mixable oil). Not to worry ??? your colours will harmonize back to their original tones during the course of the drying process.

This effect may be more or less pronounced, depending on the colour of the oil and the amount of water you add for thinning. The darker the oil paint and the more water added, the lighter in hue the wet paint film will appear. However, rest assured that all colours will be restored to their original brilliance once dry.

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