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ZIG Cartoonist White Brush Pen are great for highlights in illustration and manga artworks. The extra fine brush tip is designed to product fine lines. 

How To Use:

Separate the two halves by unscrewing the cartridge from the brush tip section. Once separated, remove yellow collar and re-join the tip and barrel sections. Shake well with cap on. Remove the cap and, pointing the tip down, squeeze gently on the “PUSH” marks on the barrel. Try applying several strokes on trial/scrap paper to check for correct ink flow before commencing use on artwork. Initial priming of the brush tip may require this process to be repeated a number of times; do not be tempted to squeeze the cartridge too hard as leakage may result. 

After Use Care:

Please clean up the brush after each session and close the cap. Stand tip up to store. Failure to do so will cause remaining ink to clog the brush tip.

WARNING: Ink will permanently stain clothing.

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